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Jerry Kidd

Jerry Kidd

Here are some testimonials from the agents at Bradley Real Estate in Marin, Napa and Sonoma Counties.  For over three years I worked with them to help them improve their websites, their social media presence, their Zillow, Trulia and profiles.

And I also assisted them in learning zipForms, Docusign, Transaction Point and TopProducer. In many cases I fixed their computers, their phones and almost any tech gadget you can imagine.  One of my joys was in working with some of them on their business plans and coaching them on how to generate business.  Please read what they have said!

You may also be interested in what some of my GRI Students have to say as well as what has been said on my LinkedIn profile.

As Director of Sales for Bradley Real Estate, I have a slightly different perspective of all the value Jerry Kidd brings to the real estate table. 

Besides knowing how to navigate all of the problems technology has to offer, Jerry has the unique ability to be able to “teach” systems and programs in a way that the student understands what he is saying.  I have sat in on many technology workshops and classes and being able to “teach” technology is a different skill than just knowing it yourself.

Because of his years managing real estate offices, Jerry gets the big picture.  He knows that learning all of today’s “cool” programs doesn’t mean anything if an agent never sells anything, and he constantly stresses to agents that their first priority is to open an escrow because without an escrow, the rest is just commentary. 

Agents respect Jerry and listen to his advice because his advice is not self-serving and he is not judging them, just trying to help them.

Any company, real estate or otherwise, who hires Jerry should consider themselves very fortunate because that company just hired the consummate team player with the skills and experience to back it up.

Ronna Somers
Director of Sales, REALTOR®

You have enriched my business in many ways.You taught me how to create a profile for myself on a variety of social media sites. These sites, to which I now post regularly, have helped me stand out. You also had the extreme patience to teach me how to most effectively use zipForms and DocuSign, how to create a Facebook business page, how to create an ad & boost it, and how to use my MAC Book Pro! You have consistently given good advice and by listening and learning from you I have increased my business and made significant progress in working with my target clients! I can’t thank you enough.

Sondra Oczkus
REALTOR®, Top Producer, President’s Club

Jerry Kidd has the unique talent of not only being an incredible IT person, but a phenomenal Internet marketing expert. These two features will help you increase your business.

Toni Shroyer

I recently had a training with our superstar, Jerry Kidd, and WOW, I can now write offers faster than a speeding real estate agent late for a listing appointment … Jerry taught me all the tricks of zipForms and Docusign so now, everything is pre-populated and I just go: click, click, click to SOLD. Happy 🙂 Jerry is the bomb!

C. J. Spielman
REALTOR®, Top Producer, Chairman's Club

Jerry Kidd has helped me so much!  He is great!

Kristie Martinelli
REALTOR®, Top Producer, Chairman's Club

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you since you no longer came directly to the Fairfax office but it was wonderful when you did.  It was so nice having a real computer expert to help us! 

Diane Hoffman

Though I recall only seeing you one time, that time was VERY WELL spent.  Your help, consisting of logical, sensible and easy to follow instruction was invaluable. Your ability to connect with people, and be helpful with some of the less than intuitive operations of some of the software we deal with, is a godsend to those of us over the age of twenty five.

2015 REALTOR® of the Year, 2002 & 2013 President Marin Association of REALTORS®

You’ve been our number one and only one, goto guy at Bradley Real Estate, always doing so much more for us to simplify programs and systems. You have supported an army of agents in this company and never missed a beat, on any one day, that goes without saying. There is nothing you can’t do.  I think every real estate company out there needs you for that one on one with their agents. Your help, training, and advice is invaluable!!!

Kathy Baker
REALTOR®, Top Producer, President’s Club

Please feel free to use me as a referral. You have been an incredible steady ship here at Bradley Real Estate for the 3 years now that I’ve been an agent here. What an incredible trainer you are! You have my number, please use me for any referral or reference you may have.

Fred Kusin
REALTOR®, Top Producer, Chairman's Club

You added immeasurably to the agents confidence, well-being and production by your training and support. Your ideas were always sound and helpful. You kept us current on the latest and the greatest software, leads generating and marketing programs.

Barbara Leicht

Jerry is a skilled tech trainer. Jerry is very patient and can solve all your tech problems!

Fiona Rogers

I am so sad to see you go! You have helped me more than I can ever express. Your knowledge of everything concerning computers is awe inspiring but your personality and encouragement were also a great help to me. I wish now that I had made more time for your classes. I want to wish you every success in your new venture. 

Michele Affronte
REALTOR®, Top Producer, Chairman's Club

Mike and I have so enjoyed knowing you. We truly appreciate your help. I have been practicing real estate in Marin County for 34 years and with all of that experience, there are always areas where we need a little help! I might also add, that there has never been a question that I have asked, that you didn’t have the answer for.

Carolyn Reid-Sale

Jerry is like having a big brother in the internet marketing business. With the ability to assess his clients needs quickly, he is able to recommend an appropriate marketing strategy or software to agents at every level of user ability.

Michael Williamsen
Real Estate Broker/Published Real Estate Writer

Best of luck to you Jerry. You did a terrific job with our group of Realtors in training and gave them a path to understanding marketing on the internet.  You did so with a  good attitude and made learning fun for all. You will be missed at Bradley Real Estate and will always have a family there.

Kathleen Murphy
REALTOR®, Top Producer, Chairman's Club

It was great having access to your knowledge and experience by simply clicking on your weekly signup sheet!  Sometimes you taught me something and sometimes you got me out of a jam.  And you always gave me a good laugh too.  To all of your future appointments:  Whatever it is you’re trying to learn, understand or improve – Jerry will help you!

Good luck, Jerry!  You’ll be missed.


Dana Ducharme
Assistant to Melissa Bradley, Director of Community Relations, Bradley Real Estate, REALTOR®,

Your tutelage in IT, Real Estate and Social Media these past months has been invaluable.  From just a 45 min session with you, I’ve taken away skills that have helped me with the technical expertise one needs to compete in RE today.  Even with this farewell letter, you’re providing the best example of a task we’ve been asked to do for our own clients. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us in such a palpable fashion…. We were learning while engaging in a fun, spirited discourse.

Joan Getz

Thank you Jerry for all of the help you have given us the past few years.  Your technical expertise is incredible and you were always so patient and understanding with our lack of knowledge in that area.  As our work continues to depend more and more on social media knowledge and the ability to deal with technology the need for your services will continue to grow. Best of luck to you in the future.  Any future employer will be very lucky to have you. We will miss you on a professional and personal level.

Tim and Sharon Leveque

Jerry Kidd is a wonderful teacher in all things technical. He has the ability to explain methods that can enrich your business from a technical standpoint. He has the patience of Mother Theresa and approaches each challenge with grace and humor. Anyone with access to Jerry will come away with new and exciting ways to streamline their business.

Lorraine Gemigniani

I was honored to have worked with Jerry Kidd at Bradley Real Estate. He is very knowledgeable about the many technology resources available to real estate agents and his consulting style is very personable. He was able to help me in many areas of my marketing as a local agent.

Magda Kimball

I’m devastated to hear you are leaving, gone!  The help and support you provided me was not only helpful, but on a professional level, encouraging.  Your leaving is a loss in relationship within the company.  I will miss that most of all yet I heartily wish you well with your new endeavors!  They will be lucky to have you as part of the team!

DB Finnegan

Boy will I miss you…. I can not thank you enough for all your patience and help you have given me over the past few years. You are always available when needed and oh so knowledgeable!!! Just when I was feeling frustrated at trying to do something on the computer, I could always make an appointment with you and my problem would be solved. Your patience, attitude and knowledge are priceless. Even helping me with my new iPhone you would be right there to help. What a guy, and best of all you never ever make me feel STUPID!!! Thank you again Jerry, I for one will really miss you and wish you good health and happiness.


Carolin Guerrero
REALTOR®, Top Producer, Chairman's Club

You were wonderful and very helpful and always available. I will really miss you and totally wish you the best at your next adventure. Kind of jealous that some one else will have you now!!! But I also want what is best for you. I did not know you had to commute such long distance to be with us!!! That makes you even greater professional!!! I will keep you in my heart as a very kind, knowledgeable, wonderful gentlemen!!! It was a pleasure knowing you and hope to see you at our future parties!!!!! Thank you again for all the great things you have done for me.

Nadia Ferrua
REALTOR®, Top Producer, Chairman's Club

Thank you for your patience and knowledge. You made learning the new software programs easy and fun. Also you always made yourself available in a pinch when I had a computer/software need. You are truly a wonderful coach/trainer.   Wishing you continued success!

Noreen Castro