Here are some testimonials that were left on my LinkedIn profile by some people that I had the pleasure of working with over the years.

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Jerry is one of the best technology and real estate instructors I have seen. I met Jerry four years ago when he instructed a technology training in my office. I am a tech geek and I spent a good portion of my career training sales people, so I am typically bored to tears in training classes. Jerry surprised me that day, and continues to delight me with new information. He connects with audiences with all levels of expertise and is able to relay hard to grasp concepts in a manageable and interesting way. His extensive business and sales experience, strong technology background and great sense of humor makes him a fantastic instructor. Jerry was one of the first instructors I sought to train for my company. I would highly recommend him.

December 31, 2009, Ginger worked directly with Jerry Kidd – at Jerry Kidd Training and Consulting

Ginger Wilcox
Chief Industry Officer at Sindeo

From real estate office manager to real estate consultant in IT and media, Jerry has all the bases covered. His intensive knowledge in the real estate field and his ability to share that knowledge with others is just one of his strong points.

For me, Jerry has been a real inspiration and has taught me so much over the years. I have the highest regard for Jerry and his skills, and always appreciate the classes that he presents. Not only that, I consider Jerry to be a mentor that has helped me form my own basis in the real estate field. He has been someone that has helped me be the real estate Broker I am today.

If you’re considering working with Jerry, in any way, consider no more, he’s your man! I look forward to continually working with Jerry in the future.

June 13, 2010, Marilyn worked directly with Jerry Kidd – at Jerry Kidd Training and Consulting

Marilyn Cunningham
Real Estate Broker and Industry Leader

Kathleen L. Guillaume at The Gardener’s Garden Design

Jerry Kidd the man of many hats. I just completed a 4 hour Facebook/Marketing program that Jerry ran for 8 people. How wonderful to get internet training in a small manageable group…no way we could not keep up with that much personal attention. Probably one of the best course programs I have taken as far as the amount of material covered and the ideas of how to best apply our new knowledge. Excellent instructor, pertinent information, my best dollar spent on education in two years.

January 10, 2011, Kathleen L. was Jerry Kidd -‘s client

Kathleen L. Guillaume
Owner at The Gardener's Garden Design

Jerry was one of the best managers that I have ever worked under. He has a deep knowledge of the Real Estate Market and was very supportive of all of the agents in the Orinda office. One of the reasons that I moved from Prudential Real Estate was to work with Jerry and to obtain additional services for my sellers. I miss his leadership and support tremendously.

But he has become our tech ‘Master’…the go-to-guy for any and all information on the latest hardware, software and internet happenings. All of us are so lucky to have him for our ongoing Tech classed and his “Tuesday Tech Tips”…other realtors have to pay for his classes which are presented through different boards in their GRI and CRS classes. These are well worth the money for any serious Real Estate Agent, and we are so lucky that he is part of our Real Estate Services Team at Pacific Union.

June 24, 2008, Kathleen L. reported to Jerry Kidd – at Pacific Union GMAC Real Estate

Kathleen L. Guillaume
Real Estate Agent at Pacific Union GMAC

Jerry is a one-stop shop for real estate business information. He is also an outstanding executive and educator. Jerry brilliantly translates complex technology, marketing, and business development information into practical tools that enable real estate agents to serve their clients more successfully.

>> Need to set up a mobile office complete with gadgets and software? Ask Jerry.

>> Want the latest information on how to podcast or blog? Ask Jerry.

>> Want to know how to jump-start your business in a down market? Jerry will give you a half-dozen ideas and the pep-talk to get started.

I highly recommend Jerry to both agents and brokers looking for guidance in building and maintaining cutting-edge real estate businesses.

March 2, 2008, Dana worked with Jerry Kidd – at Pacific Union GMAC Real Estate

Dana Kunz
COO at Avi-on Labs

Jerry was a fantastic resource when it came to helping Tegris prospects and customers to better understand the inner-workings of our complex technology solutions. His wealth of knowledge as it pertains to the Real Estate industry helped me to quickly adapt to a different type of selling environment than I was accustomed to. Thanks again Jerry!

November 24, 2010, Dan worked directly with Jerry Kidd – at TEGRIS Corporation

Dan Ignosci
President at Comfort Advisors Energy Upgrades

Jerry is a fantastic boss. He’s a great communicator with all sorts of people, and is able to direct clearly without micromanaging. His appreciation of his staff and their talent is always evident, making him a true pleasure to work for. I would recommend him for any leadership role without hesitation.

September 28, 2009, Laura reported to Jerry Kidd – at Mason-McDuffie Real Estate dba Prudential California Realty

Laura Shapiro
Senior Marketing Manager at GRID Alternatives