Master these five things to win in your real estate career – Part 5 – Learning

Welcome to part 5 of my 5 part treatise on how to be successful in real estate!  If you missed the first four parts, here are the links to the articles on my blog: Prospecting: Staying in Touch: Listing Presentations: Time Management: If you have been diligent in following my advice…

Jerry Kidd

“CarFax” for Homes?

If you were in the market to buy a used car you’d probably go to and buy a report that would tell you a variety of facts about the car so that you could make an informed buying decision.  You’d pay anywhere from $20.00 to $39.99 for the report and would consider that a…

As Director of Sales for Bradley Real Estate, I have a slightly different perspective of all the value Jerry Kidd brings to the real estate table. 

Besides knowing how to navigate all of the problems technology has to offer, Jerry has the unique ability to be able to “teach” systems and programs in a way that the student understands what he is saying.  I have sat in on many technology workshops and classes and being able to “teach” technology is a different skill than just knowing it yourself.

Because of his years managing real estate offices, Jerry gets the big picture.  He knows that learning all of today’s “cool” programs doesn’t mean anything if an agent never sells anything, and he constantly stresses to agents that their first priority is to open an escrow because without an escrow, the rest is just commentary. 

Agents respect Jerry and listen to his advice because his advice is not self-serving and he is not judging them, just trying to help them.

Any company, real estate or otherwise, who hires Jerry should consider themselves very fortunate because that company just hired the consummate team player with the skills and experience to back it up.

Ronna Somers
Director of Sales, REALTOR®