Jerry KiddI am going to do something that I have never done in the history of this blog!  I hope that you like it and will let me know one way or the other how you feel about it.

What follows is a guest post.  I was contacted by and asked if they could write a post for my blog.  After we went back and forth for a while I agreed to allow them to do so.  I am not being paid for this, nor is Modernize being paid by me.

Guest posting is a time honored way for people, blogs and companies to gain wider exposure.  By featuring their post on my blog, they gain viewers that they might not have had.  I would urge you to visit Modernize after reading the post as I think they are a good resource for your clients interested in remodeling ideas.

And I get to take a week off of writing!  It’s a win-win-win!


How the NextDoor App is Changing Neighborhoods

By Mary Sauer

When my husband and I moved into our neighborhood, we were caught up in a whirlwind of big life changes. I had just finished my degree, and I was trying to launch a new career. My husband was starting school again, hoping to make a move into a new industry, and I was eight months pregnant with our first child. Needless to say, making friends with our neighbors, while important, was not our priority at the time. We were really just focused on getting settled before our child arrived and adjusting to our new life once she joined our family.

Two children, two new jobs, and three years later, we are feeling our life has settled down, but we have still not put down roots in our neighborhood. There are a lot of reasons why we would like to really begin to connect to the people living around us. Of course, we would like to build relationships with the people nearest to us. In time, our children will be in school together, playing sports together, and hopefully spending summer evenings running around together. In addition to that, we are new to the area and getting to know our neighbors seems like a simple way to get trustworthy referrals for things like the services we need to maintain our home, vehicles, and yards.

So, when I found the NextDoor App, I was thrilled to learn there was an easy way for me to begin to connect with the people living near me. From the moment I first logged in, it became clear the app is way more than building relationships. Someone down the street was able to advertise their carpet cleaning business; a family a few blocks away shared they were looking for a nanny; and another homeowner was bragging on the contractor who had remodeled their backyard. Immediately it became clear that the NextDoor App is one more way for professionals, like my husband and myself, to market ourselves to our local area.

The NextDoor App is changing neighborhoods by making it easier for residents to share their experiences with local businesses with the people who matter the most. At Modernize, we stress to homeowners that word of mouth is the best way to find a really great contractor. That means, as a business owner, word of mouth is perhaps the most effective way to build your business and attract more clients. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, you can use the NextDoor App to encourage your customers to share their experience working with you with other people in the area. Whether you are a family lawyer, a contractor, or a fitness instructor, you can use the NextDoor App to your advantage.

Before taking advantage of the NextDoor App, it is important you understand best practices for acquiring word of mouth referrals. In general, it is considered bad practice to coach your clients to share positive reviews or to offer incentives to customers who are willing share positive reviews. Instead, the best practice is simply to share with your clients how they can use the NextDoor App to share their experience, whether good or bad. If you are offering quality services, you can rest assured they will share a great review with the people in their neighborhood.

Technology is changing the way we do business and the way we interact with the people around us. The NextDoor App is a new app, and it’s growing everyday. As a business owner, you can use the NextDoor App to grow your business and change the way you market your business as the app changes neighborhoods in your area.

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